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Awesome Cow Slippers

Warm. Cushiony. Cute

Why People Love Our Cow Slippers

Cow Slippers Are Comfy & Warm

Our cow slippers are super soft inside and out. Surprisingly comfortable! Very soft and supportive. The soles are a nice material and nonslip, they don’t slide while walking. The inside cushion is nice and thick and comfortable for walking, feels like pillows on your feet. Makes wearing house slippers fun. By the way, they are easy to wash.

The Cutest Slippers Alive!!!

Not only are they warm and comfortable, these cow slippers are absolutely adorable! Such a conversation piece! You can always get compliments on them when people come over and see them super cute!

highland cow slippers
a women wearing cowslippers

Cow Slipper Makes A Wonderful Gift for anyone

Our cow slippers are durable and well-made. The detail of the stitching is superior and the quality of the craftsmanship is exceptional. They definitely keep the feet warm and are a cute addition around the house. These are great cozy and well-made slippers for any family member to love and adore. Definitely, a worthy buy, and a nice holiday gift for ALL ages!

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Happy Customers

nice slippers

The slippers were for our 15-year-old daughter and she loved them! They are extremely comfy and a great value for the price! We’ll be buying another pair for our other daughter who after seeing them fell in love with them! We absolutely recommend them!

super comfortable and cute

I really like these slippers. They grip very well on the ground and you can wear them outside and not have wear and tear on the slippers. It’s very comfortable and very cute to have them all.

very soft

The slippers are cute and keep my feet warm. The bottom is a type of rubber for great traction and wear protection. I am really happy with these.

fun to wear

These cow slippers are so comfortable and serve their purpose well!! As an adult, it’s hard to find cute slippers that actually hold up. I highly recommend it!!!

Learn More About Our Cow Slippers

Hello, my friends, I’m Emma, the founder of the cow slippers shop. I hope you have a good day out there. Thank you guys for stopping at our shop. In the cozy season, a lot of people are stuck at home, so I want to bring you great footwear for indoor usage, and this is a really fun one for me to be able to bring you-the cow slipper.

Great For Winter Days

Our cow slippers are very cute and perfect for these cold winter days. They’re also ideal for giving as gifts. These slippers have little horns, soft, fluffy, white fur, adorable little noses, and tiny ears. The inside is black, providing a nice contrast. They are very fluffy, cushiony, and soft, yet thin. Perfect for staying inside and keeping your feet warm during these chilly months. The size range is from 36 to 45, covering a very large size range from women’s to men’s. This is a stock style, so don’t hesitate to buy!

If you’re looking for something comfortable and warm to get you through the rest of this winter, I would highly suggest checking out these cow slippers and giving them a try. They are honestly so comfortable. You will look forward to putting them on every single day when you wake up.

Our Slippers Can Make You Smile

This is a really nice pair of cow slippers. They are super soft and super comfortable. And the cows are seriously cute. Honestly, you may expect these slippers to be cute, but not necessarily be a nice pair of slippers, but if you have them, you will be surprised to say they are both.

The cows are just adorable, and their faces are part of the slipper. With just the snout, ears, and horns being added to the slipper. So these do not feel like you are walking around with a big cow head attached to the end of your foot, flopping around as you walk. These feel like normal slippers. You just get a nice reminder when you look down at them that there are cows adorning your feet.

The soles are rubber and cover the entire bottom of the cow slipper, creating a supportive and steady feel. You can use slippers in the kitchen on tile flooring when cooking and cleaning. Maybe in your old slippers, if you spilled dripped water on the floor and later stepped on it, your foot would go sliding and almost make you fall because it gets so slippery. But you will not have that problem with our cow slippers.

If you’ve spilled water and stepped in it, as you always seem to do, these cow slippers won’t go sliding like you’re used to. So our cow slippers are not only cute and comfortable, but they can make you feel safer wearing them than wearing the other slippers or going barefoot. Plus, they are so, so, very soft.

They are sewn well and very high quality. They will last quite a while. We highly recommend these cow slippers -especially if you like cows because they are absolutely wonderful and adorable. I love, love, love them!

Happiness Can Be Bought

When I first got the sample from the factory, I was in love with these super soft cozy cow shoes! The fit is great, fits as I’d expected it to. One of my friends told me she had been shopping around for house shoes for months but hadn’t found the right pair. And then I recommend our cow slippers to her!

This is our new style cow slipper. You can see a real cartoon, call its nose, ear, and every detail. It is very furry, and the lining part is also very furry, as you can see. Additionally, you can observe the outsole, which is very flexible.

I have always liked animal slippers. I think you need a little bit of fun in your day-to-day life. The stores haven’t had any in quite a few years, so we decided to make our own, and give you a nice selection too.

Our cow slippers are not as bulky as others you may have seen, so they are easy to walk in. They cover your heels, so they keep your full feet warm. They have a hard sole, which is a great improvement to the ones with non-slip fabric for the sole. You can plan to wear them until they fall apart from use. But it may take many years of wear before you could possibly wear out these cow slippers.

Cow Slippers FAQs

What are cow slippers?

Cow slippers are a type of slipper with a cow-shaped design. They have a really great fit, and you will love wearing them around the house. They have plenty of cushions, very, very comfy to walk around in, and just hang out at the house with. If you’re looking for some super cute slippers to wear around the house that are also really cozy and comfortable, we highly recommend cow slippers from our store. I think that they are a great option—very durable.

What are cow slippers made of?

The upper of our cow slippers is crafted from high-quality fabric, offering a soft and elastic texture that is gentle on the skin. Its moisture-absorbing and breathable properties prevent foot odor and sweating. The non-slip and wear-resistant sole ensures stability and durability, making it suitable for various styles.

With an adorable cow design at its core, the cow slippers feature a natural and comfortable fit, enhancing both elegance and aesthetics. The 3cm heel design visually elongates the leg lines, shapes the legs, and elevates the overall temperament. These slippers are long-lasting, soft, and comfortable, providing a fatigue-free experience with a snug fit that conforms to the curves of the feet.

Where to buy cow slippers?

You can buy cow slippers at our store. Our slippers are perfect for the winter months, and they are really warm and cozy, they are really affordable as well. You will never want to take them off.

What kind of slippers do you have?

We have highland cow slippers, cow print slippers, and fluffy cow slippers. They are really nice and comfortable, the best warm slippers for the winter. They can be used as men’s slippers or women’s slippers.

Can the cow slipper keep my feet warm in winter?

Obviously, they are a bit casual in appearance, but it doesn’t really matter what they look like. What is most important is that our cow slippers keep you warm in the winter. If you don’t have underfloor heating, it’s very important for you to have some good warm slippers.

Is the cow slipper soft?

Yes, this slipper is soft and it is just as cute or cuter in person! The materials are so soft, thick, and plush, and the footbed is reasonably cushioned and squishy. The base is soft enough, and the top is so high and wide, that the shoe stays in place and is still comfortable to walk in. If you are very picky about what counts as a comfortable slipper, this is it! It is a comfortable lounge slipper that keeps your feet warm and cozy in cloud-like softness.

How much are cow slippers?

Make sure you don’t go cheap and buy low-quality cow slippers. Our slippers are of good quality at a nice price. You can get a pair for $29 and shipping is included. The memory foam insoles of our cow slippers are very comfortable, and they really mold to your feet. They keep you warm without making your feet sweat, which is great. So, they look very well-made and they will last for a long time.

How to wash cow slippers?

Our cow slippers are really easy to just stick in the washer and dryer.

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