Fluffy Cow Slippers

These fluffy cow slippers are a complete hoot! We love the little cow faces on each foot with their ears and horns. The slippers are actually quite soft and VERY warm. The soles are made from a slightly rubberized material so you won’t slip, slide, or fall. The interiors are soft and highly padded. Most of all, our cow slippers are so cute that they’re guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and evoke laughter. Check it out if you’re looking for a cozy warm pair of slippers for the winter.

fluffy cow slippers

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Moo for comfort

Hi, my friends, I’m Emma, the founder of the cow slippers store. I can’t wait to introduce our adorable fluffy cow slippers to you because I have enjoyed them so much myself. They are so well-made and have a cute cow design, and you will absolutely love the thick EVA sole—so comfortable and durable for walking around. The non-slip bottoms make them flexible and practical.

These are such fun and funky shoes. People absolutely love wearing them because of their comfort. I don’t have to tell you how comfortable, warm, and cozy they are. One of my favorite parts about fluffy cow slippers is that they have this fur all the way lined on the footbed of the shoe. I think that just makes the experience this much more cozy, comfortable, and cushy for your foot.

The cozy and fluffy feeling of fluffy cow slippers

I’ve worn my fluffy cow slippers for about 2 months, and I wear them every single day. But the outside of the shoe is still looking pretty good. Same thing with the soles, they’re not really wearing down at all. I shouldn’t, and it’s probably kind of gross. I wear them outside when I’m walking my dog in the morning, just kind of like walk out into the alleyway a little bit and then walk back into my house. So, they are doing totally fine with that level of activity, and then I just wear them around the house all the time. Friends, I’ve tested our fluffy cow slippers, and the quality is entirely satisfactory. You can make your purchase with confidence.

The other thing that I really like about our fluffy cow slippers is that I think that they’re actually quite cute. I think that they look really nice – you know, the typical things that I’ve been wearing every day as I work from home. They are high-quality materials, and they’re going to last a very long time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me, and I will try and get back to you as quickly as possible.

These fun cow slippers make you laugh and keep your feet toasty warm on cold mornings. The silly face is bound to bring a smile to everyone in the kitchen stumbling toward coffee. Padding on the shoe bottom is quite comfortable.

What our customers say about fluffy cow slippers

It is the slippers I want! I love these cute cow slippers very much! I usually wear a size 5.5(US women) shoes and purchased the large size 5-6, and they fit me with a little wiggle room. The inside is very comfortable and soft, but the bottom is hard with pretty good tread on it. Recommend it and Love them!-Kyla

I bought these fluffy cow slippers for my 12-year-old for her birthday. Very cute she says super comfortable, like walking on a cloud. Look pretty sturdy, it’s only been a couple of days but seems to be holding up well.-Hafsa

I absolutely love these cow slippers!!! Not only they are super adorable but they are comfy as well!! They keep my feet warm without making me feel like I’m sweating!! The grip is super strong. I have wood floors and could not slide. There are a lot of cushions inside the slipper. If you are looking for a cloud-like cushion, these fluffy cow slippers do have that.-Lois

These fluffy cow slippers are an excellent gift for the cow enthusiast! Not only are they soft but they are ridiculously cute to look at. I ordered the open back and they fit well and feel sturdy. Definitely recommend you won’t be disappointed.-Edie

These are the most adorable animal slippers I’ve ever seen! They look just like the picture they’re so soft and plush. The soles are nice and comfortable too with a good thickness. I love cows, I love these slippers lol. If you or someone else loves cows as much as I do, they’re gonna love these fluffy cow slippers too!-Maizie